All went very smoothly and we had a wonderful time.  The itinerary was perfect and we loved the fact that we could change it if we chose to.  All the accommodation was lovely….

The food was an absolute stand out on this trip.

Thanks again for all your expertise in organizing a, frankly, seamless trip.




We had a great time – Thank You. It was a surprise that we were treated as honeymooners! – we guessed that was your intervention! We certainly appreciated that.




“Explore Sri Lanka Tour, 17 July to 01 August 2016.”

Alexandra & Brett

Dear Alex,

Just a short note to express our thanks for an excellent tour. We so appreciated all your details and work behind the scene to make it a special event for us all. It was well paced and we enjoyed the variety of hotels and locations. Ben our guide was very knowledgeable and handled situations with a high level of professionalism.


Discover Sri Lanka Tour, 27 June to 13 July 2016.”

Anna & Maurice

Dear Nora,
We loved the trip so much-every day was great.
You did a truly magnificent job
and when we get organised, will send you a few happy snaps.
Loved the maiko dinner, the walking tours to temples in Kyoto and the dress ups.
Kamikotchi was my favorite ryoken-alpine hotel has wow food, and baths.
Great job


Thank you Nora,
We had a wonderful holiday we will definitely be back for more.
Thanks for all your help

Diana Steve & Bianca

Thanks very much for your email and assistance.
We had a productive and very enjoyable trip, with the time in Scotland being the highlight.
Everything went well and all arrangements connected well to each other.
For your information, the only glitch was at the Hilton London Eurston, despite its great location, not up to standard. If I were you, I would cross them off your list.
Other than that, thanks for your help.
Kind Regards


Thank you Nora,
We had a wonderful holiday we will definitely be back for more.
Thanks for all your help

Diana & Steve

Thanks Nora and Alex for arranging our trip to Malaysia and the cruise from Singapore.
Looking forward to the trip

Glenn and Noreen

BIG Thank you to Alex for arranging my trip to Sri lanka and Singapore, I am so excited

Emily Brown

Thanks a million guys! Alex your service has been outstanding. I really appreciate your efforts and support throughout the journey of our booking in the last few weeks. It’s definitely a difficult chore to coordinate 12 people’s bookings on my own and you made it that much easier for everyone. Very glad that Ashley introduced us to each other. Here’s a photo of the end of our charity bike ride. We ended up riding 525kms from Bangkok to Kao Lack for charity Hands Across the Water, where we were met by the kids from the orphanage. It was such a wonderfully fulfilling journey. Thank you for helping us get there

Alice Su